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Encouraging Faithfulness, Courage and Respect

Year 4

VE Day Memories

Please watch and listen below to some first-hand accounts of VE Day, 1945, from some of the Year 4 Grandparents.

Wk 23.03.20

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WK 20.04.20

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 World War -Letters and post.pdfDownload
 Lesson Presentation Under Our Feet.pptxDownload
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 Sun Safety Reading Comprehension Activity.pdfDownload
 Garden Birds Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity.pdfDownload
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Week 04.05.20

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 23.09.13 Showoff Dance Kids -- Earthquake (IN PROGRESS).mp4Download
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Week 18.05.20

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Week 08.06.20

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Week 22.06.20

 Week 22.06.20
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Week 29.06.20

 Week 29.06.20
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Wk 30.03.20

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 Human Body for KidsTeeth SongHuman Body Systems.mp4Download
 GNASHERS!! Operation Ouch Terrific Teeth!.mp4Download
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Week 27.04.20

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 Suggested time table.pdfDownload
 Tectonic plates - geography discussion one.pdfDownload
 Tectonic Plates - The Skin of Our Planet Down to Earth.mp4Download
 World War -Woman at arms.pdfDownload
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Week 11.05.20

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Week 01.06.20

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 year4 expanded noun phrases warmup powerpoint.pptDownload
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 Titanic Expanded Noun Phrases Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
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Week 15.06.20

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 Lesson Presentation Using a Key.pptDownload
 creating a character.pdfDownload
 contrasting a character.pdfDownload
 Activity Sheet Map Symbols.pdfDownload
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